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Organize A Linen Closet in 8 Easy Steps

How do you know when it's time to organize a linen closet? We've all been there. You open your linen closet and a pile of towels falls out, covering you head to toe. Or even worse, all of your make-up spills everywhere, breaking bottles and more. If your linen closet is an avalanche waiting to happen, or stuffed with so much visual clutter it gives you a headache just looking at it, then it's time to learn how to organize a linen closet in these eight easy steps. Don't worry, it's not a big of a project as it seems, especially if you follow our easy steps outlined below.more

Types of Bathroom Chandeliers

Whether you have a large master bathroom that requires a grand fixture to fill lofty ceilings, or you have a small powder room that needs a touch of refinement, bathroom chandeliers may be the right lighting solution for you.more

Bathroom Chandelier Guidelines

Chandeliers add ambiance to any room, but in particular the bathroom. However, when choosing a bathroom chandelier, be sure to consider these important factors for bathroom safety.more

What to Expect when Remodeling A Bathroom with ReBath

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a complicated and difficult job. Don't trust your remodel to just anyone.more

Bathroom Mirrors All You Need to Know

Mirror mirror, on the wall, which bathroom mirror is fairest of them all? Mirrors, enchanted or otherwise, can make your bathroom look and feel elegant. Almost magically, mirrors can make a bathroom look bigger, brighter, and even increase storage space.more

Decorating the Bathroom for Valentine's Day

Have you been thinking about a bathroom remodel? You can easily design your bathroom to get the bathroom of your dreams! In the meantime, there are some fun, yet elegant ways to decorate your bathroom this Valentine's Day!more

Bathroom Mirror Checklist

Your bathroom mirror is a bathroom necessity. Whether to apply makeup, shave, or quickly refresh. We use mirrors almost unconsciously each day to make sure we are looking our best.more

Best Scents to Freshen Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is meant to be a haven where you and your loved ones can prepare to meet the stresses of the day, freshen up before a meal, or unwind in a bubble bath after work. How the bathroom smells definitely effects how relaxing these activities are. Whether you choose to use bathroom scents via candles, air freshers, or essential oils, avoid some common mistakes by using scents that match your purpose.more

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