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7 Festive Christmas Decorations for the Bathroom

Any room of the house should be festive for the holiday season. Don't let the festive fun stop with the living room, liven up the bathroom for the holiday season as well. Spoil those on your gift list this year with a luxurious gift for the bathroom. Make your bathroom warm and cozy this holiday season by decorating with any of the options below:more

The Best Vanity Countertops for your Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom is an exciting experience. There's so many options to choose from! Once you've chosen your vanity style, it's time to consider what countertop to use.more

5 Luxurious Christmas Gift Ideas for the Bathroom

Christmas is a great excuse to splurge a little. With Black Friday just around the corner, be sure to keep a lookout for deals that can turn your bathroom into bliss this holiday season. You could also offer some DIY bathroom sprucing to help keep your Christmas budget low this season.more

Battling Frozen Bathroom Pipes

Though there are measures that can be taken to prevent a pipe from freezing, sometimes winter can come with brutal, unexpected force, and freeze the pipes before they can be protected. So how can you determine if your pipe is frozen, and how to thaw it if it is?more

Detecting Air Leaks in Your Bathroom Windows

Leaking windows can lead to water damage as moisture from the outside creeps in, but it can also lead to expensive heating bills as the warm air slips out through cracks and holes. Keeping the bathroom warm in winter is just as important as the rest of your house. How can you tell if your bathroom windows are leaking?more

Prevent Bathroom Pipes from Freezing

During the cold winter months, it may be necessary to protect bathroom plumbing. Frozen pipes can lead to, not only a lack of available water for common bathroom duties, but burst pipes, water damage, cracked toilets, and unpleasant bills. There are some easy things you can do to keep your bathroom warm this winter.more

Bathroom Floor Heating- Is Radiant Heat For You?

With Autumn settling in and winter approaching, a chill is starting to touch the air. Gone are the days of bouncing out of bed and racing through the house in bare feet. Now the question turns to how you can tear yourself from those warm covers and touch your toes to freezing bathroom floors.more

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom

Tired of shivering when you step out of your warm shower into a freezing bathroom? The bathroom is meant to be a room of comfort, but that only gets harder as the seasons turn colder. Keep your bathroom warm and cozy by considering these creative ways to heat your bathroom.more

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for the Bathroom

As Thanksgiving approaches, and the house is prepped to receive family and friends, remember to add a festive touch to the place every guest will freshen up: the bathroom.more

Removing Hard Water Stains from the Bathroom

We've all seen those chalky white spots that can accumulate on faucets and glass shower doors. Hard water, also known as lime scale, is water with a high mineral content (usually calcium and magnesium carbonates). These minerals remain behind after water dries, leaving that nasty residue. While hard water isn't bad to drink it can make the bathroom look spotty and dingy, leaving basic cleaning tasks difficult and frustrating. If you've got a build up of hard water, don't despair. In most cases, hard water spots can be removed. Before taking on your hard water stains, keep in mind that some of the stains may also include soap scum buildup. Consequently, taking out hard water stains has many similarities to getting rid of soap scum.more

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