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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel New Again

If your bathroom seems small, cramped, cluttered, or old, consider these six tricks to make your bathroom look and feel new again.more

The Advantages of Walk-In Tubs

At Re-bath, we carry our own line of walk-in tubs as well as the best national brands. Re-Bath® Select Walk-In Tubs combine unmatched safety features, easy accessibility and advanced technology to give you a safe and luxurious bathing experience. This product is our most sought-after solution for seniors and customers facing mobility challenges, though anyone can enjoy the benefits of walk-in tubs, such as...more

Learn How To Prevent Bathroom Mold In 5 Easy Steps

The bathroom's damp and warm environment makes a natural haven for mold. Not only is mold noted for it's unpleasant smell and unsightly appearance, but the EPA (United States Environment Health Agency) warns that mold can also lead to several health risks. By being aware of mold's preferences, you can take preventative measures to ensure mold won't grow in your bathroom.more

Shower Doors or Curtains? Which is Best?

Keep shower water contained by enclosing the space. But which works best? Shower doors or shower curtains? The answer is, it depends on your needs. Shower doors or shower curtains each come with their own benefits. Check the lists below, and see which works best for you.more

How to Patch Bathroom Drywall

Either from redecorating, or unfortunate accidents, from time to time holes and dents may appear in your bathroom walls. If the hole in your wall is smaller than your fist, it can easily be repaired with spackle and the right technique. Learn how to quickly and easily patch your bathroom drywall.more

The Best Candles for the Bathroom

Candles are a wonderful decorating accessory. Not only do they vary in shape, color, and size, but also scent. The type of candles you select can effect the mood of the room. When choosing candles for your bathroom, keep these guidelines in mind to create a fresh, clean, and relaxing atmosphere.more

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