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5 Fire Hazards Hiding in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to refresh and relax. But, if not careful, these havens can become a fire hazard. Are you keeping an eye on these five bathroom fire hazards?more

Shower Ceiling Panels: Do You Really Need them?

Installing shower ceiling panels is largely a matter of preference. We've installed showers that look beautiful with and without ceiling panels. However, while not a requirement for your shower, ceiling panels do have many benefits.more

Bathroom Vanity Galore...Choose Yours

When redesigning your bathroom, choose a bathroom vanity that will look great, work right, and provide you with storage options that work best for you. Here at Re-Bath®, you can decorate with stylish bathroom vanity cabinets, sinks and mirrors from the best national brands. Choose from many different vanity styles, including Victorian, traditional and contemporary.more

How To Choose Bathroom Lightbulbs

Last week, we discussed how to arrange fixtures in the bathroom to create the most flattering bathroom lighting. But lighting your bathroom right isn't just about positioning the fixtures. After all, all that hard work will appear pointless if the wrong bulbs are used. So, what kind of light bulbs are best for the bathroom? Learn how to choose lightbulbs for your bathroom.more

Choosing a Bathmat That's Right For You

When stepping out of the shower, you don't want to slip! Bathmats are a necessity for any bathroom. Selecting a bathmat or bath rug is mostly based on personal preference. However, there are a few helpful guides to keep in mind when finding a good bath rug.more

Flattering Bathroom Lighting

Randall Whitehead, a professional lighting designer, has said, "Lighting is more important in the bathroom than any other room in the house. This is the place where we all do very detailed and important work such as shaving or applying makeup. It is also the first place we see ourselves in the morning and the last place we see ourselves at night. Wouldn't you want the sight of yourself to be a positive one?"more

Bathroom Organization: Dos and Don'ts To Follow

It makes sense to store bathroom items in the bathroom itself. However, there are some items commonly stored in the bathroom that actually don't belong. Are you storing these items in the correct locations?more

Why is My Bathroom Faucet Leaking?

If you have noticed water spilling out of your tap from unexpected places, or when it's not even running, you may be asking yourself, "is this a minor inconvenience, or is it hinting at a serious problem?"more

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