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8 Quick and Easy Bathroom Updates

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Think about it this way; it is where your day begins and ends and is one of the only rooms every guest is guaranteed to see. With all the extra traffic, the bathroom is the unfortunate receiver of additional wear and tear. Good thing keeping it up-to-date can be done quickly and under budget.more

Tiny changes that make a big difference in your bathroom

Making small adjustments and replacing specific pieces in your bathroom can refresh your bathroom and make it feel new again.more

Common bathroom remodeling mistakes

If you want your bathroom remodel to be a positive experience, consider hiring a professional. There are so many factors to consider when remodeling a bathroom. When a homeowner chooses to do it themselves, they often make some of the following common bathroom remodeling mistakes.more

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Stone Accents

Have you hit a brick wall in your bathroom? No, not an actual brick wall. We're talking about that moment when you have reached your creative limit.more

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom design, size doesn't matter. What matters more than the actual square footage of the bathroom is what you do with the space. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, these simple design tips for small bathrooms will make them feel more spacious.more

The Price of DIY Bathroom Remodeling

DIY bathroom remodeling projects have become the trendy thing to do, but take it from us: we have been called in for damage control and some complete overhauls from DIY remodeling projects gone wrong.more

Starting a Bathroom Renovation? Here's Where To Splurge and Where To Save

Are you looking for a big bathroom renovation or a small bathroom makeover? Whatever your answer is, keep in mind that your number one priority in a bathroom is function. We want to help you decide where to put your money and where you can save!more

5 Things Your Bathroom Needs

Great bathrooms combine style with comfort; fashion with function. No other room in your home requires as careful a balance between design and functionality like your bathroom. Achieving that balance is difficult without these 5 things every bathroom needs.more

5 Tips For A Safer Bathroom

There are an astounding number of bathroom related injuries occurring every day. The young and the elderly both are at risk of slipping on a wet surface and suffering a concussion or gash.more

Got a Tax Refund? Use It On A Bathroom Remodel

Congratulations on surviving another Tax Day! This year, the IRS reported that the average 2015 tax refund comes in around $2,800. If you're expecting a refund check, before you splurge on a vacation or shopping spree, think about investing that money in your house!more

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