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5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Homeowners

A wise homeowner knows he or she can expect a large return on investment if they focus on repairing and remodeling the key selling points of their home, including their bathrooms. In fact, studies show a newly remodeled bathroom can yield a 62 percent return on investment, on average.more

6 Places In Your Bathroom You Need To Clean

You may be diligent about disinfecting your bathroom countertops or scrubbing the bathtub, but what about cleaning where dirt isn’t so visible? Too often, homeowners overlook some of the dirtiest places and items in the bathroom, leaving their seemingly spotless bathrooms germ-ridden. We’ve made a list of the six overlooked bathroom items and how to clean them so you can be sure your bathroom really is clean!more

4 ways to make small bathrooms feel bigger

It’s not the size of your bathroom that matters — it’s what you do with the space! The feeling of spaciousness in a bathroom sometimes depends more on its features than the actual space. Here are four surefire ways to make small bathrooms feel larger without having to knock down any walls.more

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