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Extraordinary Bathroom Storage Using Everyday Items

Your bathroom is a place where you’re constantly balancing your stuff and your storage space. When you don’t achieve that balance, you end up with all sorts of odds and ends scattered around the room, and it doesn’t look pretty. If you want a tidy bathroom that also has style, we have a few suggestions — and all of these bathroom storage ideas can be made from things you most likely already have in your home.more

Bathroom Technology We Wished We Owned

Imagine a world where your bathroom is fully automated. Without twisting a knob, your shower starts running at your desired temperature. Your mirror gives you news updates while you get ready. Your toilet cleans itself. It may sound futuristic, but what you’re imagining is actually modern bathroom technology designed to make your time in the bathroom as effective and enjoyable as possible.more

Five Best Apps For The Bathroom

With the advent of smartphones, we have the privilege of constantly having the world at our fingertips — even while we’re using the bathroom. There’s an app for everything now, including shopping, games, news and other entertainment. So ditch the bathroom magazines and books, because we know once you sit down, you’ll be tapping open an app. Whether you catch up on news or text your friends, we have the perfect list of apps for the bathroom!more

Remodeling Your Shower: Why To Do This First

Bathroom remodeling can seem overwhelming. There are so many features, and having to make design and color decisions for each one can be too much!more

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