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5 Ways To Eliminate Bathroom Odors

Walking into a damp, mildewed, stuffy bathroom is disgusting. Spare yourself the unpleasant experience with these five solutions for bathroom odors.more

7 Tips For Maximizing Your Bathroom Space

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, space is always a challenge. Even if your bathroom is larger than most, it’s likely one of the smallest rooms in your home, making it crucial that you maximize space in the best possible way. We’ve compiled a few tips to help.more

9 Thrifty Bathroom Upgrades

Sometimes you don’t need an entire bathroom remodel, but you still want to upgrade its look and feel. Today, we’d like to share nine tips to help you transform your bathroom into your favorite room without spending more than you can afford.more

Why You Should Have Bathroom Plants

Have you ever considered adding green plants to spruce up your bathroom? Most people don’t know that the bathroom is actually a great environment for plants to thrive, and that bathroom plants help keep the air fresh and enhance the beauty of your bathroom.more

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